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ShelterHEARTs for the Bowie Animal Shelter

Shelter Information:


The Bowie Animal Shelter located at 1508 Wise in Bowie, Texas.  We are across from the Rodeo Grounds at the edge of town.
Willy Conway is the Animal Control Officer.
The phone number for the shelter is 940-872-2275 or
The shelter is a city run facility.
Shelter Hours are Monday through Friday from 7am-4pm.
The first 2 weekends of every month the volunteers keep the shelter open for adoptions. 
Saturday is from 8-12 and then 1-3. 
Sunday is from 9:30-2.
You can reach the volunteers for after hour adoptions at the following numbers:
Deniece 940-781-4440
Melodye 940-366-1207
We have kennel space for approximately 21 dogs. 
We have 3 quarantine kennels for dogs that need
to be quarantined due to dog bite incidents. 
We have spaces for cats and can interchange
various condos for them as needed.


Runs out back
We have 2 runs in the back with grass where
the dogs have room to run and enjoy the
outdoors.  We try to let the dogs out as often
as we can to let them have down time from the indoor noises and sounds of the kennels.