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Who we are..


Deniece Lindsey & Melodye Massey
We are 2 ladies that volunteer at the Bowie Animal Shelter.
Deniece Lindsey has lived her life in Bowie. She is married to John Lindsey and has a son John Jr. They have 2 shelter dogs Andie and Weller.
Melodye Massey moved to Bowie in 2004. She has a daughter Lauren who graduated from Bowie High School. Melodye has 4 shelter dogs Faeth, Hope, Mimi and Jazzmyn. Lauren has 1 shelter dog Zorro and 2 shelter cats Chloe and Liera.
We are dedicated to helping the animals at the shelter find good, loving, forever homes. We enjoy the joy that shelter animals bring to peoples lives and we want others to find joy in having a new pet.

We keep the shelter open the first 2 weekends of the month for adoptions. We are often at Petco in Wichita Falls the last 2 weekends of the month, helping our dogs find as many homes as possible.

We have a junior volunteer program with 2 junior volunteers currently- Linnea Karlsson and Amanda Watson. They help socialize the dogs and cats at the shelter and help with leash training and giving baths. Any kid over the age of 13 can volunteer by stopping and getting the volunteer form and having their parents sign and return the form. It is for a 2 hour time period on the first 2 Saturdays of the month. Contact Melodye for more information.